WVUE Morning Show Interview

September 15, 2023

Watch Natalie Barranco Shares Advice for Businesses on WVUE Fox 8

Natalie Barranco, Co-Founder of PRIME Business Advisory Solutions, recently appeared on WVUE Fox 8 to share her advice for small businesses. In the segment, Barranco discussed how to optimize business financial management and operations in the post-pandemic era of high labor costs and inflation challenges.

“The first tip that I give to all my clients is to be sale-ready,” Barranco said. “Document your core business practices so you know what your people do and how they do it. If you lose a key employee, if you want to expand and go to another location, if you want to sell your business or pass it along to the next generation, this roadmap or blueprint can help you do any of those purposes.”

Barranco also stressed the importance of retaining staff. “The more you can make it easier for your staff and have more training for them to make them feel at ease, the easier it is to retain them.”

The segment aired on September 14th and can be viewed on the WVUE Fox 8 website.

About PRIME Business Advisory Solutions

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