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Company Name: Chronos

Name and Title: Dr. Mace Scott, President

College: University of Southern Mississippi and LSU Health Sciences Center

Family Members: Brittany (31) Devon (28)

Hobbies/Interests: Traveling the world, exploring the outdoors, dining

What are your biggest accomplishments in business?

I am so proud of my staff — zero turnover in our history (minus front desk clerks). Their loyalty and commitment to excellence are unmatched, and I couldn’t be prouder. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it.

What drives you to come to the spa every day?

Dr. Scott: The thing that drives me is hormone replacement, something I am very passionate about. I know it is needed, and I want to make sure folks are educated about it and have access to it.

What attracted you to hire PRIME for your business advisory needs, and have they met your expectations?

Dr. Scott: The business was floundering and losing money. I would ask questions. I was told that everything would be fine. It was evident that something needed to be done quickly. The business needed help. I reached out to Ralph Litolff, Jr. through some connections, and he provided a thorough and very professional evaluation on the health of the business. During the evaluation, I met Natalie Barranco. Natalie agreed to come in and stabilize the business until we could find the right manager to lead the spa and its employees. While working with Natalie and the team, it was evident they were the right move.

PRIME provided unbelievable communication among the staff, put our staff in the best roles, and managed and helped them grow in their individual areas. It was a no-brainer to have Natalie and her team take over the responsibility of managing the entire business on a daily basis. We have seen continued growth in every area of our business. Natalie is a cornerstone to the success of Chronos. Natalie helps everyone and is a sounding board for our entire staff, often helping them to feel confident and secure in their abilities. Prior to PRIME coming on board, there were constant rumors swirling around that we were going to close. Those rumors don’t exist anymore. Now, our staff feels like they are part of a team, a family unit. All of this organization has come directly from Natalie’s leadership.

I wish I had her full-time; I wish I could clone her. I know we would be even more successful! Chronos would have probably closed its doors if not for PRIME.

2020 was a tough year for everyone in dealing with the pandemic. How has PRIME helped you navigate your business during this time?

Dr. Scott:  It would have been impossible without PRIME. The shutdowns created complications and barriers for everyone. There is no way I could have navigated through the paperwork, compliances, PPP, etc. without PRIME. Natalie and her staff were so up to date with all of the latest information, and they presented it to me in a way that was easy to understand. I was in such good hands and our business was able to get the assistance it needed in a difficult time. I often laugh, because I had folks try to help me and send me information regarding PPP loans, and I knew more than them, thanks to Natalie and her team’s help in preparing me for this unprecedented time.

PRIME was FAR ahead of everyone, and my business continued to move in a positive direction. Our business revolves around people interaction, and we held our own. Keep in mind that we were shut down for 2 months. It was a time of fear, stress, and not knowing if we were going to be able to come back. Were we able to afford to come back? Thanks to our staff and the team at PRIME, the revenue returned at a rapid pace and the staff exuded unbelievable teamwork and put us in a great position to move into 2021. We had momentum going into 2021, without the financial burden. It was quite a relief.

If another business was considering a business consultant such as PRIME, what advice would you offer to them? Why should they consider PRIME?

Dr. Scott: Do not consider using PRIME (LOL)! They are all mine. Do not call Natalie. I am joking, obviously. She’s amazing. Here’s my advice: Have a conversation with Natalie. Talk about your business. It won’t take long for her to figure out how she can help you. She is so bright and easy to talk to. She is the right person to help you navigate your business. She’s approachable, knowledgeable and calming, and she always has it together. Natalie is able to assess and determine the path that is right for your organization.